Home Care Services

Companion Care offers a comprehensive set of home care services both medical and non-medical that allow individuals of all ages to get the help they need, all while remaining in the comfort of their own home. A customized home care plan is created for every client and caregivers are selectively chosen to make sure they meet your unique needs. In addition to caregivers in the home, Companion Care consults with a Registered Nurse to provide even more support to clients.

Below is just a sampling of services that Companion Care provides.


Our trained and licensed Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA's) and caregivers provide extensive services for those clients that need more than basic assistance with daily tasks. CNA's provide assistance with medication management, physical therapy exercises, transferring to and from bed, toileting, wound care, and many other specialized tasks. Our CNA's observe and report any changes in condition and report them to our consulting nurse if needed.

Companionship and Emotional Support

Our caregivers provide conversation and companionship to each of our clients. This social interaction is integral to the overall health and happiness of the individuals we serve and therefore companionship is our main goal and the heart of our mission.


From medically-related errands to social events with friends, Companion Care provides transporation for those that can't transport themselves. All of our caregivers have vaild driver's licenses and their vehicles are insured so you or your loved one is protected and safe while outside of the home.


Companion Care provides minor to extensive cleaning services depending on your needs. Some chores may include, laundry, ironing, scrubbing floors, cleaning bathrooms, and washing dishes. Our caregivers are trained in proper and effective cleaning techniques to better serve each and every client.


Often, we see that nutrituion and healthy meals are lacking for many of our clients. That's why Companion Care offers services for those that need help with meal preparation, especially when dietary restrictions are present. In cases of 24-hour care, our caregivers can peform all cooking responsibilities to ensure the client is eating healthy and balanced meals. In the past, we've had clients re-opening their cookbooks again, searching for recipes they would like our caregivers to prepare.


Whether our client's need assistance with bathing or basic grooming such as help with their hair, Companion Care's caregivers help lift the spirit of our clients through this thoughtful and caring service.

Customized Services

Companion Care assists individuals of all ages with a wide range of medical needs through customized services. Below is a brief list of some of the issues that our customized services helps.