At Companion Care we know staying at home means everything to you. That is why for the last decade we have been providing compassionate care and companionship to the elderly and disabled in their own homes.

Each testimonial on this page is an example of the quality of care we give to each and every one of the clients we serve. Our staff goes above and beyond on a daily basis for our clients, just ask our clients.

Everyone is talking about Companion Care

Our clients and their families have formed very important and fulfilling relationships with our staff over the years. In many cases, our caregivers become an extension of the family, providing quality services as well as emotional support to clients when their loved ones are not able to be present. 

"Companion Care has given my mom the help she wanted in the morning to get her day started. They also will do the dishes, wash clothes, cook for her and many other helpful tasks. It's a blessing for my mom and our family"
- Nancy (Daughter)

" A special thanks to all the nurses of Companion Care. Ann really enjoyed the excellent personal attention of all these women but she had exceptional rapport with Michelle, Diane and Debbie, and gratitude to Mary for her years of companionship"
- Donald Echols (Husband)

"Mary finds out what our mother likes and takes her to her favorite places, including the mall and the lake. Mary is like a member of our family."
- Ron Marver (Son of client)

"I have peace of mind knowing dependable, loving, and qualified people are caring for my father"
- Daughter of client